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TruePoint Solutions’ TrueBill Utility Billing System is Ahead of the Curve for State Mandated Water Conservation

Providing SB 606 and AB 1668 Compliant Water Utility Billing and CIS Software to their Entire Customer Base

LOOMIS, Calif.—June 11, 2018: TruePoint Solutions™, a leading Water Utility Billing software provider, announced today that they are in full compliance with California’s recently signed SB 606 and AB 1668. For the past 14 years, TruePoint has been working to embed conservation and water budgeting into the core of their products, in anticipation of more comprehensive drought initiatives.

Through its drought-wise initiative, the TruePoint Solutions TrueBill™ Utility Billing system offers a series of tools to help facilitate drought management efforts. In early 2017, TruePoint implemented their fully automated Water Budgeting tool at Palmdale Water District, just outside of Los Angeles. The Water Budget tool works by allowing agencies to quickly setup an unlimited number of water budgets to accommodate the different types of accounts serviced. Each budget has a specific set of variables that interact with the customer accounts and specific water budget charge types. This configuration, along with historical usage and automatic, real-time interaction with the CIMIS Weather System, allows agencies to fully automate all aspects of the water budgeting process. This includes water based tiered charges, surcharges, internal water budget reporting and State mandated reporting. Incorporating this type of wholistic water budgeting functionality ensures that all TruePoint software customers are in full compliance with the new State mandated drought measures.

TrueBill was also designed to integrate with your existing General Ledger, Asset Management and GIS systems.