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City of Pittsburg, CA Goes Live with Accela Business Licensing to Enhance Customer Experience and Efficiency

TruePoint Solutions Integrates Leading Permitting and Licensing Solution Creating Cohesive Processes for City and Maximizing Efficiency

LOOMIS, Calif.—Nov. 1, 2023: TruePoint Solutions, leading provider of government-focused professional services, permitting and licensing, CIS/utility billing and irrigation management solutions, today announced the successful implementation of the Accela Business Licensing solution at the City of Pittsburg, CA.

The solution extends the City’s Accela solution reach and has been implemented to create additional efficiency by using Accela’s leading edge solutions across the City’s Permit Center, which was recently formed by merging its Building and Business Licensing Divisions. It had already adopted the Accela solution for its building and engineering permit processes. Transitioning business licensing to the same solution significantly enhances efficiency by mitigating redundant work, manual tracking and increases overall customer service. As implemented by TruePoint Solutions, the system seamlessly transfers data, streamlines workflows, and triggers notifications, alerts, and renewals in real-time.

“The addition of the Accela Business Licensing Module has allowed us to now offer all of our permitting and licensing options online,” states Shelby Rose, Permit Center Supervisor at the City of Pittsburg’s Community and Economic Development Department, Permit Center. “The expansion of our Accela solution, and the enhanced workflows that TruePoint Solutions developed for us benefit our customers with online self-service for anything they would need to accomplish, such as submitting an application or paying fees, and creates unprecedented efficiency across City operations. Our system is now able to make connections that previously required manual lookups; the automated workflows produce the information to allow us to proactively notify and remind customers of additional requirements, such as associated permits.”

”The City of Pittsburg exemplifies how success and efficiency can be enhanced with the expanded use of Accela software to best serve both agency staff and residents,” said Tony Aiello, Vice President of Alliances and Channels at Accela. “The City, Accela and TruePoint Solutions worked together to translate vision and possibilities into reality. The additional functionality will optimize operations by eliminating redundancies, increasing digital access, and streamline critical services to best meet residents' needs."

TruePoint Solutions integrated the City’s existing Accela solution with its new Business Licensing module. The integration connects cash payment information that comes in from its Payment Center and is transferred to the system, effectively bridging any gaps in information and communication between departments.

Beyond the basic processing of business licensing, the module and workflows configured by TruePoint recognizes and parses incoming applications to identify related activities and permits that are likely to be required. The system can retain and categorize information that is vital to City operations and understanding the full composition of its business community.

“The City will be well served and realize continuous time savings as a result of this project,” states Keith Hobday, Director of Services and Founding Partner at TruePoint Solutions. “It has access to key information that is collected and retained in routine application submittals, and through automation can access and apply that information to vastly reduce the time required in subsequent activities and requirements in its business community.”

About the City of Pittsburg, CA
The City of Pittsburg is a culturally rich and diverse community of over 74,000 residents and expected to grow to 90,000 in the next 20 years. Pittsburg is located in the Bay Area Region of Northern California and is perfectly situated for easy access to San Francisco, Napa Valley, Sacramento, the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and Lake Tahoe. With its commitment to a quality community environment, Pittsburg is an ideal city in which to live, work and recreate. The City of Pittsburg is a full-service city following the council-manager form of government, with approximately 350 full-time and seasonal employees. For more information, visit https://www.pittsburgca.gov/

About TruePoint Solutions
TruePoint Solutions is a California-based software and services company, focused exclusively on information technology solutions for local government agencies, water companies, and special districts. The TruePoint Solutions team holds decades of work experience with local government, designing, building, implementing, and supporting complex government applications. This depth of experience has given the TruePoint team keen insight into the needs of the industry. TruePoint Solutions products are fully browser-based and utilize the Microsoft .Net framework. TruePoint is a Microsoft partner and an Esri development partner. Learn more at www.truepointsolutions.com.

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