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More Options Available to Enhance Customer Convenience with TrueBill Utility Billing and CityBase Kiosk Solutions

LOOMIS, Calif. and CHICAGO—Nov. 30, 2023: TruePoint Solutions, a leading provider of CIS/billing solutions and CityBase, a leader in payment technology, today announced expanded options for TrueBill, TruePoint’s utility billing solution. CityBase and TrueBill technology seamlessly integrate to provide a smooth payment experience for both customers and staff. CityBase’s highly secure, self-service payment kiosks are just one way to integrate with the TrueBill solution. The kiosk integration allows utility customers to lookup and pay bills in person by cash, check, or card, with all payments posting instantly to accounts. Additionally, the integration allows staff to process a high volume of payments, streamlining customer service and increasing operational efficiencies.

“We are really proud to team up with TruePoint Solutions to launch a new accessible payment option that pulls bills directly from the source system and posts payments back in real-time to support customers,” said Christopher Lewis, CityBase’s Senior Vice President of Engagement. “It has been great to work with TruePoint Solutions, an organization that shares our vision for more equitable and seamless payment solutions that support the public.”

TruePoint Solutions’ TrueBill is an industry favorite solution for CIS/utility billing, and agriculture irrigation billing and management. Built and regularly updated to be perpetually at the leading edge of technology, it offers a high degree of flexibility that has proved to be an important factor in staying abreast of and meeting agencies’ evolving needs. The interface with CityBase kiosks is yet another example of the ongoing enhancements that keep the software aligned with the features and benefits that agencies seek.

“Our interface with CityBase kiosks is another option available to agencies using TrueBill,” states Don Hunsinger, Founding Member and Senior Product Manager at TruePoint Solutions. “Agencies with a focus on providing top level service and convenience to their customers will appreciate the ability to reduce traffic at their counter, while improving their customers’ experience. This latest interface offering is one more way that TrueBill continues to offer the features that help them in serving their customers.”

About CityBase
CityBase makes government and utility technology that modernizes and unifies the way people find, apply, and pay for services. More than 100 government agencies, utilities, cities, and counties use CityBase technology to provide hassle-free payments and digital services to their customers and staff. CityBase integrates payment functionality, business processes, and communications onto a central, cloud-based platform that consumers can access through the web, mobile, kiosk, or point of sale. CityBase is an independent business unit of Euna Solutions, which is a leading provider of purpose-built, cloud-based solutions that power critical administrative functions and financial operations for the public sector. Learn more at thecitybase.com

About TruePoint Solutions
TruePoint Solutions is a California-based software and services company, focused exclusively on information technology solutions for local government agencies, water companies, and special districts. The TruePoint Solutions team holds decades of work experience with local government, designing, building, implementing, and supporting complex government applications. This depth of experience has given the TruePoint team keen insight into the needs of the industry. TruePoint Solutions products are fully browser-based and utilize the Microsoft .Net framework. TruePoint is a Microsoft partner and an Esri development partner. Learn more at www.truepointsolutions.com.

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